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2020 President's Address


As yet another decade comes to a close, 2020 brings renewed opportunities to take our NAFFS organization to a new level. Given that education is the backbone of NAFFS, this year we find ourselves with meaningful opportunities to enhance our commitment to this notable focus.

The NAFFS Scholarship Program has in fact been spearheaded for years by a small and dedicated group of volunteers. However, the recent creation of a scholarship committee will bring them additional support to raise more funds and to develop ongoing relationships with scholarship recipients in order for them to become involved with NAFFS programs, networking and employment opportunities. As the successful scholarship committee adds new colleges and universities with outstanding food technology programs and awarded sums continue to grow in line with contributions, we are in search of volunteers to join the new scholarship committee. Who knows, perhaps one of this year’s scholarship recipients will write this note a few years from now.

We’ve also created an education task force which is investigating the creation of a NAFFS platform on which to build a continuing education program aimed at areas such as regulatory affairs, where change is constant and being up to date is critical. Other key areas of interest to our membership are being evaluated and addressed by this nascent group, which is also in need of volunteers who can assist in getting it off the ground.

Education is also a key focus at NAFFS meetings throughout the year. Reading the articles in this annual publication provides a snapshot of the types of topics NAFFS addresses because the articles highlight the presentations offered at our prior year’s convention. It also ensures this publication is always filled with top-notch content.

As you’ll see, our speakers covered several technical areas of interest to the industry as well as items such as flavor opportunities within the cannabis market and flavor trends for today and the future. 

While these articles give you a feel for what took place at the convention, they only scratch the surface. There’s no way to include all the information or to replicate the actual experience of being there – the sights, sounds, tastes, etc. For example, what better way to follow up a presentation that included information on portability than to step outside and enjoy delicacies from several food trucks?

NAFFS membership dues continue to be a great value. For just $500 per year, everyone at your company has another source of valuable information, access to the member-rate at popular industry events throughout the year and the opportunity to help our industry prosper.

Lastly, I encourage members to play an active role in this organization. This is our NAFFS; a NAFFS in need of its talented members sharing ideas and knowhow to make this the organization that was envisioned more than 100 years ago, while evolving with the needs of the times.

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