Congratulations to NAFFS Scholarship Award Winners

The NAFFS scholarship program is bigger than ever! With $15,000 in scholarship money for students around the country, NAFFS’ award program in 2017 included recipients from five universities.

On September 21 Mid-West Scholarship Chair John Weaver of Kalsec presented awards to Michigan State students Tabitha Rose, Maisie Snyder and Emily Holbrook.

On October 5 NAFFS Executive Director Bob Bauer presented awards to Rutgers University undergraduate student Wenjun Mo and graduate student Jingwen Gao at a luncheon hosted by Dr. Karl Matthews, Professor and Chair, Department of Food Science. Graduate Program Director Donald Schaffner, Ph.D. and Undergraduate instructor Chitra Ponnusamy were on hand to congratulate the students.

Also on October 5 West Coast Scholarship Chair Patrick Imburgia of Mission Flavors & Fragrances presented Natalie Tom and Marie Millan of Chapman University with scholarship awards from NAFFS. On hand to recognize the students were: Lilian Were, Ph.D., Associate Professor and Anuradha Prakash, Ph.D., Food Science Program Director at Chapman, as well as Maria Olson, Lauren Mayberry, Paul Loskutoff, Brenda Hannon, Mina Santos, Mabe Meza-Verdesota and Joseph Calcagno of Mission Flavors.

In November awards were disbursed to University of Illinois students Morgan Crivlare (Jr., Food Science), Abby Kudia (Sophomore, Food Science) and Rachel Wank (Senior, Human Nutrition).

The final award were presented on December 6 by Scholarship Chair Arthur Curran of Citrus & Allied Essences to Cornell University students Maria Beaucage, Candice Zheng and Jason Goodman. Olga Padilla-Zakour, Department Chair, offered her congratulations to the three recipients.

NAFFS extends its sincere congratulations to the outstanding students and thanks the many member companies who have generously supported this effort and fueled the growth of this program.


Dr. Anu Prakash, Professor, Chapman University, Lauren Mayberry, Mission Flavors & Fragrances, Maria Olson, Mission Flavors & Fragrances, Paul Loskutoff, Mission Flavors & Fragrances, Maria Mallin, Chapman University Scholarship Recipient, Patrick Imburgia, Mission Flavors & Fragrances & NAFFS Scholarship Co-Chair, Natalie Tom, Chapman University Scholarship Recipient, Brenda Hannon, Mission Flavors & Fragrances, Dr. Lilian Were, Professor, Chapman University, Mina Santos, Mission Flavors & Fragrances, Mabe Meza-Verdesoto, Mission Flavors & Fragrances, Joseph Calcagno, Mission Flavors & Fragrances.


Cornell University recipients Candice Zheng, Maria Beaucage, NAFFS Scholarship Co-Chair Arthur Curran of Citrus & Allied Essences, Jason Goodman, Cornell University.


Bob Bauer, Executive Director, NAFFS; Graduate Director Dr. Donald Schaffner, Rutgers University, Dr. Chitra Ponnusamy, Undergraduate Director, Rutgers University, undergraduate recipient Wenjun MO, graduate recipient, Jingwen Gao; Dr. Karl Matthews, professor and chair, Rutgers Department of Food Science.


NAFFS Scholarship Committee representative John Weaver of Kalsec with Michigan State University recipients Maisie Snyder and Tabitha Rose and members of the university faculty. (Not pictured: Emily Holbrook)

NAFFS’ scholarship support helps universities with strong food science programs to:

  • Provide quality programs
  • Attract the brightest students
  • Support cutting-edge research
  • Provide highly qualified food scientists and nutritionists for the food industry workforce.

NAFFS thanks the generous companies participating in the Scholarship Awards Program.

Scholarship Sponsors


Bontoux, Inc.

Citrus & Allied Essences

Excellentia International

Innov8 Computer Solutions

Sethness Products Company

Tarukino LLC

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Please contribute to this valuable program so we can continue to attract the brightest students and support the future of our food industry workforce.

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