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Congratulations to NAFFS Scholarship Award Winners

Chapman University

Left-to-Right: Maria Olson-Mission Flavors, Dr. John Miklavic—Chapman, Dr. Prakash—Chapman, NAFFS Scholarship Committee Co-Chair Patrick Imburgia-Mission Flavors, Esteban Calderon-Recipient, Chapman, Tiffany Yang-Recipient, Chapman, Maria Meza-Verdesoto-Mission Flavors, Dr. Lilian Ware-Chapman, Kirsten McCraw-Mission Flavors, Lauren Mayberry-Mission Flavors, Paul Loskutoff-Mission Flavors, Brenda Hannon-Mission Flavors, Mina Santos-Mission Flavors, Shayna Bosko-Mission Flavors.

Cornell University

Left-to-Right: NAFFS Scholarship Co-Chair Arthur Curran of Citrus & Allied Essences, with Cornell University recipients Jacob Tannenbaum, Luong Mai and Ola Esho.

Michigan State University

Left-to-Right: NAFFS President John Weaver of Kalsec, recipients Elizabeth Marie Kurburski, Lukas Scot Laramee and Ellie Harm and members of the university faculty.

Rutgers University

Left-to-Right: NAFFS Executive Director Bob Bauer, Dr. Chitra Ponnusamy, Undergraduate Director, Rutgers University, Benjamin Lebow, undergraduate recipient, NAFFS Scholarship Committee Co-Chair Al Roth of Sethness Products, graduate student recipient Carey Zent and Graduate Director Dr. Donald Schaffner, Rutgers University.

NAFFS’ scholarship support helps universities with strong food science programs to:

  • Provide quality programs
  • Attract the brightest students
  • Support cutting-edge research
  • Provide highly qualified food scientists and nutritionists for the food industry workforce.

NAFFS thanks the generous companies participating in the Scholarship Awards Program.

Become a Scholarship Sponsor here.

Please contribute to this valuable program so we can continue to attract the brightest students and support the future of our food industry workforce.

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